Differences In 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke Engines in Kent, OH

Advantages of Honda 4-Stroke Trimmers

One of the most disliked parts of lawn maintenance is trimming, and for good reason. Historically, trimmers are heavy, the smell of burning gas is overwhelming, and grass gets all over you. There’s not a lot you can do about getting grass on your clothes except to be more careful when you trim. However, with Honda’s 4-stroke engines, you can make trimming a more pleasant job. 


There are a couple of reasons that Honda’s 4-stroke engines are better than 2-stroke engines when it comes to fuel. When you use a 2-stroke engine, you have to mix gas and oil – and in the correct proportions – adding a step to an already sometimes tedious job. With 4-stroke engines, however, you don’t have to mix, because they use only straight unleaded gasoline. 

The design means that you use fuel more efficiently, and that means you spend less money on lawn maintenance. Honda tested the HHT25 against a 2-stroke competitor, and you’ll be amazed at the results. These savings are based on an average of $3.00/gallon of gasoline, $0.27/oz for oil, and using a 50:1 mix of gas and oil in the 2-stroke engine. 

Running Time (hours) - 100

Honda HHT25 Fuel Cost - $45.40

Competitor Fuel Cost - $92.40

Savings - $47.00

Running Time (hours) - 200

Honda HHT25 Fuel Cost - $90.80

Competitor Fuel Cost - $184.80

Savings - $94.00

Running Time (hours) - 300

Honda HHT25 Fuel Cost - $136.20

Competitor Fuel Cost - $277.20

Savings - $141.00


4-stroke engines don’t just save you money, though. They are lighter, so you’ll be able to work more quickly and be less tired when you’re finished with your lawn. Traditional 2-stroke engines also have higher vibratation. If you’re like many people and have carpal tunnel syndrome or something else that is irritated by vibrations, you’ll quickly forget spending the next day recuperating from the aches that come after using a 2-stroke trimmer.

Even better, the cleaner-running engine means that you won’t have to deal with the traditional smell of burning oil and gas, and it runs more quietly. 

So instead of listening to the raspy sound of a 2-stroke engine, smelling gas/oil burn, and carrying around heavy vibrating equipment, you’ll be in relative comfort with the 4-stroke engine. 

Quicker, More Efficient Work

When you eliminate mixing oil and gas, your worktime is already cut. There are other time-saving advantages of the 4-stroke engine. 4-stroke engines start more reliably, shaving more minutes off your lawn work. And because the engine works in any position, you can easily adjust quickly to cut even the steepest slope without losing time. 

Honda makes two 4-stroke engines for trimmers: the GX25 and GX35. While the two engines have slightly different specifications, they’re both designed with your time and comfort in mind. When you use a 4-stroke engine, you’ll love it.

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Honda Power Equipment in Kent, OH

Hapco, Inc. is proud to carry Honda Power Equipment products. Why? Because we only want to offer you products that you can trust and believe in. We want you to leave our store as a satisfied customer – and to have a positive experience both in our store and when you return home with your product. With Honda, we can be confident that you will be happy for years to come.

Honda has manufactured over 100 million power products worldwide since 1953. Over these years, they have developed power equipment like generators, lawn mowers, and snow blowers that have transformed the industry with new innovations and technology that rethinks how we use power equipment. In terms of durability, Honda doesn’t skimp. The quality of their manufacturing and parts is top notch. That’s why Honda has over 40 million satisfied power equipment customers in the United States. It’s common for us to see customers with Honda products that are 20 or 30 years old, and still working without problems.

Honda Power Equipment offers more than 70 models in six major product families, including brush power equipment.

You can purchase:

Generators: from 1,000 watts to 10,000 watts in models designed for residential, recreational, and industrial applications.

Lawn Mowers: 21-inch push-type and self-propelled models for premium residential and commercial gardening applications. Honda's full line of lawn mowers meets rigorous California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards, ensuring their availability and regulatory compliance in all 50 states.

Pumps: a wide variety of general de-watering, multi-purpose, commercial, and submersible models with discharge capacities from 37 to 433 gallons per minute.

Snow blowers: wheel drive, track drive, and lightweight models capable of moving from 1500 to 3000 lbs of snow.

Tillers: mini- mid- and rear-tine models.

Trimmers: three trimmer models in a variety of trim heads, engine sizes, and handle design choices, as well as the Honda VersAttach® system, a multi-tool system featuring 2 power heads and six attachments.

Contact Hapco, Inc. for your Honda Power Equipment needs. 

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Top Eight Most Useful Generator Accessories in Kent, OH

Generator accessories will ensure that your generator is working properly and easier to move around, outdoors. Remember that the only safe place to have a generator is outdoors, away from doors and windows. These are eight of the most popular generator accessories that you can use, to keep your generator running optimally:

Optimate 3 Charger – The Honda Optimate 3 Charger will automatically recover, monitor and maintain all types of batteries from 2.5 to 32 amp-hours with its advanced diagnostic program, so your Honda generator is always ready to start when you need it.

Transfer Switch - *A transfer switch is essential to safely connect a generator to a home. A transfer switch is required by the National Electric Code for any connection of power to a home. A Transfer Switch isolates the generator, allowing a safe connection, so it cannot accidentally electrify external power wires. 

Power Inlet Box - *Inlet boxes are mounted on the outside of a home to avoid running a power cord through a window or door.

Extension Cord Sets – Extension cord sets ensure proper delivery of electricity from the generator to power outdoor items. If you choose not to install a transfer switch, you would also need extension cord sets to power indoor items, such as a TV or refrigerator.

Cold Weather Kit – Honda designed cold weather kits that are unique to a specific generator. A small heating coil that fits inside the crankcase breather tube, prevents water from freezing inside the crankcase, due to severely cold weather. If ice forms in the breather tube, it can block the air flow, causing the generator to not work properly and/or leak oil. 

Wheel Kit – Lifting a generator can be quite a challenge. Honda has a 2-wheel kit and a 4-wheel kit with rubber tires that makes moving a generator effortless. 

Generator Cover – Protect the Honda generator from rain, sleet and snow, with a custom-fitted, water resistant generator cover.

Lockwrap – A lockwrap is a neoprene cover that keeps ice, snow and debris out of combination locks.

*Power inlet boxes and transfer switches must be installed by a qualified electrician and the connection must comply with all applicable laws and electrical codes.

Hapco, Inc., 390 Portage Blvd Kent, OH 44240-7283, (330) 678-9353 is here to answer your questions about generators and generator accessories. We carry a wide variety of accessories in stock and can help you choose the right ones for your needs!

To learn more about operating a generator safely, check out our Generator Safety article.

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Generator Safety

Customer safety is extremely important to Hapco, Inc. and that’s why we want to encourage discussions about generator safety. All too often, we hear about preventable deaths when generator safety isn’t a high priority, resulting in Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. In fact about 170 people in the U.S. die every year from CO produced by non-automotive consumer products.  

These products include Honda’s engine powered equipment such as generators for the construction and rental industries, backup power during outages, camping equipment and other outdoor events. CO is a deadly, colorless, odorless and can kill within minutes.

Hapco, Inc. wants you to be safe. Many people don’t know the only safe place to have a generator is outdoors, away from doors and windows. In closed areas, even with open doors and windows, these spaces can trap CO and allow it to quickly build to lethal levels. So we need to learn and share how to practice generator safety.

Did you know generators …

·   Exhaust contains toxic CO.

·   Connected to a building improperly could allow electrical current to feed back into utility lines, creating an electrocution hazard for utility workers.

·   Using a generator with wet hands or in wet conditions could result in electrocution.

·   Run on gasoline and to avoid explosive situations, don’t refuel while the engine is hot and running and keep flammables away from the generator when it’s running.

·   Become very hot during operation and remain hot for a while after the engine stops. Be careful not to touch the muffler while it is hot, and let the engine cool before storing the generator indoors.

CO initial symptoms are similar to the flu (without the fever), shortness of breath, nausea and dizziness. Higher level symptoms of CO poisoning include mental confusion, vomiting, loss of muscular coordination and consciousness and death. If you think you have been exposed to toxic levels of CO, get outside immediately for fresh air, call 911 and tell them you suspect you’ve been exposed to CO poisoning. This winter, Hapco, Inc. wants us all to be safer by telling our family and friends about CO dangers and how we can avoid catastrophes. Consider purchasing CO detectors as gifts for ourselves and loved ones. We definitely want to read our generator manuals and encourage others to read them too and share the information, and take time to review generator labels for more safety specifics.

Hapco, Inc., 390 Portage Blvd Kent, OH 44240-7283, (330) 678-9353 is here to answer your questions and help with your generator needs.

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Choosing A Honda Generator in Kent, OH

As winter continues to grip a good part of our country and the weather remains unpredictable, you never know when a generator might come in handy. If the area you live in has frequent power outages, buying a generator might be a good investment and relieve some stress.

Many of us don’t think about the need for a generator until we experience a power failure. Then all kinds of issues arise, including the inability to heat or cool our home, spoiled food in the refrigerator and freezer, inoperable medical equipment, charging your cell phone, and more. 

When choosing a generator, you will want to consider the following:

•      Decide on the size of the generator you need. Keep in mind, many people can use a small generator like the EU2200i to power their fridge, lights, TV, and other critical essentials during outages. If you need to power your well pump, you’ll need to go with a larger model, like the EM5000. Honda has a great tool to help you calculate the wattage you need.

•      Decide if the generator will be used as an emergency backup at home or during outdoor activities. If you are interested in using it for more than just emergency back up, consider an EU series generator, which is very versatile and perfect for recreational activities as well as home power.

A couple of safety issues to be aware of when using generators are carbon monoxide and electrocution. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless and kills people every year, while sending others to the emergency room. Generators belong outside and should never be run in a basement or garage, even if windows or doors are open. Always consult your owner’s manual for other safety concerns and more information.

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